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Fujian Dirong Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned trading subsidiary of Shuangheng Group

The company mainly deals in building door and window profiles, industrial profiles, and refined aluminum products

The company mainly produces aluminum pallets, aluminum shelves, aluminum workbenches, and aluminum protective fences for automation equipment, and extends to thousands of photovoltaic solar brackets, anchor bolts, new energy auto parts, aluminum tables, aluminum ladders, aluminum chairs, etc. Aluminum products;

The company relies on the group's 30 years of experience in aluminum design, research and development, production and sales

Take online and offline cross-border e-commerce and other multi-channel trade methods,

Provide more convenient and efficient diversified services for customers at home and abroad

And won a good reputation

The company participates extensively and deeply in international competition and cooperation

Strive to export more refined Dirong products in the global market

Fujian Dirong Trading Co., Ltd.

Born by fortune, lean and far-reaching

Honesty-based, win-win cooperation

Committed to becoming a world-class diversified aluminum products trading company


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Aluminum alloy photovoltaic support

Aluminum alloy doors and windows

Steel pipe, spiral pile

Construction machine brick

Hygiene products

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Address: Shuangheng Industrial Park, Hengkou, Yongchun County, Fujian Province
Post Code: 362619

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