Processing performance and characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes

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There are many types of aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes. According to their strength characteristics and processing performance, the production of aluminum alloy pipes is generally divided into three categories: pure aluminum, soft alloy and hard alloy pipes. The extrusion of pure aluminum and soft alloy pipes is easier, the deformation is large, and the surface is good. On the contrary, the extrusion of cemented carbide pipes is more difficult, the amount of deformation should not be too large, large equipment capabilities are required, and various defects are prone to appear on the surface. Therefore, the operation technology requirements are high, the process is numerous, the production cycle is long, the tool and mold consumption is large, the cost is high, and the yield is low.
   Aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes have higher surface quality requirements, but their hardness is not high, especially in hot conditions. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the production and shipment process, not to bump hard things to prevent bumps. This requires that the protection of the product be strengthened during production and lifting, and at the same time, it must be handled with care and protection during work. Surface, civilized production.
  Aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes are prone to aluminum sticking when they are extruded, and they often stick to the tools locally, causing various defects on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe. Therefore, in addition to the process lubrication during extrusion, the surface finish and surface hardness of the tool are required to be high, and all surfaces in contact with the pipe should meet the process requirements.
When extruding aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes, except for pure aluminum, the extrusion speed can not be controlled, other alloy pipes have their own suitable extrusion speeds, which must be strictly controlled during production. Therefore, an adjustable speed extrusion should be selected. machine.

Many aluminum and aluminum alloys are easy to weld together under high temperature and pressure, which brings favorable conditions for the production of pipes. For example: Plane combined die and tongue die extrusion use this feature to produce pipes. This not only expands the varieties, specifications and uses of pipes, but also can use solid ingots on ordinary single-action extruders to extrude pipes and hollow sections with complex sections.
  Under proper process conditions, perforation extrusion can be used. During the perforation and extrusion process, a complete metal sleeve is adhered to the inner surface of the generally used extrusion cylinder and the surface of the perforation needle. The metal sleeve should be kept clean and complete during operation to produce high quality Of pipes. Otherwise, the internal and external surface quality of the pipe will be deteriorated, and defects such as bubbles, peeling and scratches will occur.
   In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the pipe, reduce the eccentricity of the wall thickness, prevent broken needles and damage other tools, the centering of the equipment and tools should be ensured as much as possible.
  Aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes are not suitable for production by peeling and extrusion methods. The main reason is that the protruding shell has been damaged and it is difficult to remove it.

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